Cloud Virtual Machines & Databases
CDN Caching
SSL & Bot Management
App & Website Monitoring
DNS Management
Image management and more
Do you get crazy unpredictable cloud services bills?
Are you spending lots in maintaining an in-house devops team?
Are you worried about patches and security updates leaving your servers exposed?
T3Pixel's Cloudboard360 to the rescue!

Cloudboard360 is very different, and not just a reseller. T3Pixel will work hand in hand with you to plan, design and secure bespoke cloud infrastructures and architecture for optimal performance. This will then be managed under one hub in Cloudboard360.

Cloudboard360 will efficiently handle your operations in the cloud.
  • Get resilience & reliability with load balancing & DNS
  • Monitor virtual machines, databases & entire cloud infrastructures
  • Monitor Apps, APIs & Websites by the minute
  • Deploy and rollback with one click
  • Get enhanced security, with DDoS protection, SSL & bot management
  • Get supercharged performance with CDN cache & Kompressor
  • Eliminate in-house DevOps costs
  • All in one hub, with affordability & predictable billing
In addition to Cloudboard360's offering, T3Pixel will:
  • Monitor your APIs and infrastructure round the clock
  • Handle patches and system and security updates
  • Perform hourly backups
  • Handle any incident 24x7 by our small and agile team of experts

Our cloud packages include:

  • Fully managed Kubernetes
  • Fully managed virtual machines
  • Fully managed MongoDB
  • Fully managed MySQL
  • Fully managed PostgreSQL
  • CDN Caching
  • DNS Management
  • Image Optimization
  • High performance and redundant storage in multi regions around the world
  • Website & API monitoring 24×7.

All highly scalable with predictable billing.

Give us a shout and we shall sort a bespoke package that befits you.